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The Society keeps full pedigree records for all registered sheep on the UK mainland. It is the responsibility of each member to keep accurate records of all Shetlands owned by them so as to enable the breeding of all sheep in the flock to be known. It is also the responsibility of members to ensure that they are selling-on only registered sheep. The only exception to this might be animals destined for slaughter.

It is very important for anyone new to Shetland sheep that they purchase only fully registered sheep, if they in turn wish to breed from their flock and sell on the progeny.

When purchasing registered sheep, always ensure they are accompanied by a green Society pedigree form.

The excellent on-line Flock Book is available to all members in our Members Area. Members can also order a paper version (printed annually in January) which contains the details of all Shetland sheep registered during the year, rams inspected and approved, and other statistics on the SSS Flock.

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