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SOCIETY NOTICE: In an effort to help members sell their sheep, fleeces and wool, during this period of cancelled and postponed events, the rates to Members for adverts on the website has been reduced.
From 1st May, for a limited period of one year, all members’ adverts on the website will cost £1.00. This will apply to both Temporary and Annual Adverts.
From 1st May, all adverts should be placed as follows:
General flock adverts should be placed as Annual Adverts which will run for up until 30/04/2021. Adverts for individual sheep or specific group of sheep, should be placed as Temporary Adverts. These adverts will continue to run for 30 days from the day they are placed.
Also from 1st of May, members’ wool, products and fleeces can be advertised on the website. These adverts should be placed in the renamed Fleece & Wool section. Adverts should be placed as Annual Adverts and these will remain on the site until 30/04/2021.
Members can choose whether to place Annual and Temporary Advertisements

Annual Advertisements

Annual advertisements are intended to allow members to promote their flock and to let browsers see the range of livestock, fleeces and other products they might have to offer.

Annual Adverts cost £30 and last for 12 months from the date they go onto the website. Members can create their advert and pay for it online using the button below.

Temporary Advertisements

These are intended for members who wish to advertise specific sheep for sale, or other items such as hay & straw, equipment or meat.

Temporary Advertisements can be purchased at a cost of £5 and the advert will automatically be removed after a period of 30 days. Members can create their advert and pay for it online using the button below.

If you are a member, please use the button below to create an advert online:Create new advert online

 Buyers are strongly urged to obtain proof of pedigree status prior to completing any transaction for pedigree stock - if you are unsure please contact the Registration Secretary.

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