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To place an advert here please send the following information to Christine Page at to load onto the website: Location, Name, Phone, Email, Advert wording. Please include a photo if possible and sheep registration number for a link direct to the Flock Book.

Buyers are strongly urged to obtain proof of pedigree status prior to completing any transaction for pedigree stock - if you are unsure please contact the Registration Secretary.

Sheep Wanted



Name: Rosemary Marvin
Phone: 0033 681616468

6 Jul 2014

Wanted: Pedigree Shetlands for export to Brittany, France.

Eco Ferme already breeds pedigree Shetlands and would like to bring in new colours and bloodlines. We are, therefore, looking for:

4 breeding / young rams each from a different bloodline and with well spaced horns
10 ewes (born 2009-2014), can be from the same bloodlines as the rams

Any colour, including patterns, but not black or katmoget as we already have these colours.

We are ideally looking for show quality stock with fine, long fleeces.

The sheep will need to be tested as required for export (exact tests tbc but for example: ARR/ARR tested, tagged, tuberculosis, brucellosis, transport docement). Eco Ferme will pay for the tests but the UK breeder will need to arrange for them to be done.


Sheep For Sale



Name: Heather or Graham Chaplin
Phone: 01823 601625


Advert:  The POSTLEBURY Flock 2002 (established 1988) has some 2013 ewe lambs (soon to be shearlings) for sale.
We also have a couple of retained ram lambs (both moorit) that are showing promise. Later on in the year, we will have adult ewes and 2014 lambs available. We have a range of colours. We also have rams and ram lambs available for loan most years.    
This year, we are hoping to come back to showing after several years off the scene, so we hope to see some Shetland friends at local shows.
Please ring for further details. Visitors (whether buying sheep or not) are always welcome, by appointment. 



Name: Ross Rixon
Phone: 01994 419034 (please leave a message if we are out - we have no mobile reception)


Advert:  AFONTAF Flock

We will have ewe and ram lambs available at weaning in July and August,  moorit, katmoget, gulmoget and patterned, mainly out of Mandeville and Apshill ewes by Mandeville Skein (fawn katmoget approved ram) and Mandeville Dion (moorit ram).  We also have a fawn katmoget shearling ewe by Skein.

We are able to deliver locally.   Please visit our website for more photograps as the lambs grow.



Location: WILTSHIRE, between Salisbury & Shaftesbury

Name: Trish Gray
Phone: 01722 714382 or 07902 226603


Katmogets, moorits, blacks & gulmogets and some pattened. Many have won showing, all are well handled, with good manners and beautiful fleeces. 

Ewe & Ram lambs for sale at weaning – mid July.  All well-handled & friendly.  Our four tups have produced a good variety of colours.  Proven tups are also for sale & we can keep them for buyers until tupping time..

We can deliver.

Shetland Ram Duncan Song and Dance




Name: Kate Sharp or Alan Hill
Phone: Kate Sharp 07789887291 and
              Alan Hill 07765687818 or 01522778250


Moorit, Grey, Black, Fawn and Grey Katmogets Shearling Rams, Ram lambs, Shearling Ewes, Ewe lambs,
Ewes with or without lambs at foot for sale.
Approved adult rams for seasonal hire.
Starter flocks available.
Older ewes very tame, looking for semi retirement homes, used to running with horses/ponies.
Many prizewinners in our flocks. We have micron tested many of our adult stock over several years.
Transport available throughout the UK if required.



Name: David and Joy Trotter
Phone: 01434 673551


Advert: RIVENDELL Flock
Moorit and black mature rams, shearling rams, shearling ewes, and a few adult ewes with or without lambs at foot, now available. Ideal for starter flocks. Also, fit ewes and gimmers offered unregistered for cross-breeding at reasonable prices, and castrated ram lambs suitable for conservation grazing. Anyone within a reasonable distance from us in Northumberland is welcome to get in touch. Transport available if required.



Name: Tracy Gray
Phone: 01296 733732  07949 516313                                                                               


Advert: HILLVIEW Flock
Gulmoget    Grey    Flecket    Patterned
Pedigree breeding stock from show-winning lines. Easy to handle. Ideal for starter flocks. All enquiries welcome.



Name: Helen and Richard Allan
Phone: 01225 781657


Advert: THORSGILL Flock
Pedigree breeding stock year round. Primarily white (Rench lines) and black but also moorits, some katmogets and spotted (mainly young-stock). Starter flocks. Shetland teaser rams. All young-stock registered organic (Soil Association). All enquiries welcome.


Location: NORTH WALES, 40 miles from CHESTER

Name: Jenni Frost
Phone: 01745 833932


Advert: FELINRHYD Flock
Quality ewes, ewe lambs and rams for sale. Bred correctly with quality fleeces and conformation.

Excellent bloodlines from champion stock regularly brought into the flock. Rams available for loan or purchase and from horned or polled stock. Multiple colour ways available including black and white, black, moorit, grey katmoget, fawn and white. A range of ages but young stock always available.

Shetland fleece rovings also available, professionally washed, carded and prepared for spinning.



Name: Lyn Bushnell
Phone: 01271 865104 - please leave a message if no answer

Listed on:
19 July 2014

Advert: LINJOY Flock reduction

Eurystmeus Of Spalford Grey Ram 2011 - top show quality
Linjoy Ellie Grey Ewe 2013
Linjoy Ember Grey Ewe 2012                         

2014 Lambs by Eurystmeus                          

Grey Flekket Yuglet Ewe Dam Linjoy Ember       
Grey Ram dam Linjoy Ember       
Black Ewe dam Linjoy Velvet       
Grey Ram dam Linjoy Velvet       
Black Ewe dam Linjoy Mist       
Black Ewe dam Linjoy Mist
White Ram dam Linjoy Bethnika       
White Ewe dam Linjoy Amy       
White Ewe dam Joy Of Bowden Farm

2014 Lambs by Linjoy Minstrel

Grey Ewe dam Hardicott Susie       
Grey Ram dam Hardicott Susie       
Grey Ewe dam North Devon Eileen       
Grey Ram dam North Devon Eileen        



Name: Lucy Pitman
Phone: 01985 847408 or 07810 788253

Listed on:
12 July 2014


We have 8 ewe and 8 ram lambs for sale from August. Registered flock – our 2 tups and original 4 ewes out of successful show flock.
Various colours, they are well handled and very friendly. Some will be halter trained.
Proven rams may also available for loan.
First time selling after 4 successful breeding years, as unable to increase our land. Will deliver within reasonable distance.
Please contact us to see up to date photos of all the sheep.



Location: SUFFOLK

Name: Larry and Karen Martin
Phone: 01986 798138

Listed on:
8 July 2014

Advert: LAXFIELD Flock

We have four quality ewe lambs for sale, one fawn Katmoget, two moorit Gulmoget and one black Gulmoget.  Also several promising ram lambs with excellent fleeces




Name: Christine Page
Phone: 01547 530955

Listed on:
5 July 2014

Advert:  SMILING Flock

I have for sale a few ewes with lambs at foot. Various colours and markings. Lambs also available at weaning in August.

Three shearling ewes: a patterned grey, a white and a moorit.

All friendly and bucket trained.

Only for sale as I need to make room for those lovely ewe lambs I bought last year!




Name: Helen Knowles
Phone: 013873 71453

Listed on:
29 June 2014

Advert: We have a number of shetland ewes for sale, a range of ages and colours.




Name: Davyn Devine
Phone: 07920 065535

Listed on:
14 June 2014

Advert:  I have a number of various coloured shetland ewes for sale. I have 1 and 2 crop ewes for sale. Whites, blacks, moorits, katmogets and various others.

I also have some of this years ewe and wether lambs for sale after weaning in mid July into August although I would consider selling ewes with the lambs at foot.

The ewes are unregistered but the lambs were sired by a registered pedigree tup.

I may be able to help prospective buyers with delivery locally.




Name: Suzanne Meikle
Phone: 07740 680483

Listed on:
13 June 2014

Advert:  Rams for sale
Brae Flock
052976 Willowcroft Brendan – Moorit, born 6/4/10 - rare opportunity to introduce historic bloodlines into your flock.  Brendan was bred by AI from semen out of Heights Orion (1995) a well renowned sire of quality stock.  Brendan’s supersoft fleece will also enhance the wool in your flock.  Available with unrelated females for starter flocks if required.
057501 Brae Faik – Moorit, born 6/4/13 – Shearling ram by Willowcroft Brendan been successfully shown this season, halter trained, quiet steady temperament, excellent fleece, good horns & tail. Dam is daughter of Best Woolled Shetland Sheep at 2006 Royal Highland Show
057500 Brae Abhay – Moorit, born 5/4/13 – Shearling ram by Brae Ace a 2010 Champion of Champions qualifier.  This super dark moorit ram has excellent fleece and is due to be shown this season so will be well handled.  He has fantastic bloodlines to introduce to any flock.
056184 St Baldred’s Archibald – Grey Katmoget, born 22/4/13 – Shearling ram from the well-respected St Baldred’s flock.  This lad is already proven, halter-trained, plenty wool on head and excellent in every way.
057502 Brae Dev – White, born 11/4/13 – Shearling ram with super wool and correct in every way – he comes from desireable  Island & Rench bloodlines
Ivydene Flock
054907 Rigg Gareth – White, born 18/4/12 – this lad has an excellent fleece, he has a super temperament and is halter trained.  His 2013 fleece won Champion at Great Yorkshire Show and  Strathaven Show.  He is well constructed and would add length of back as well as improved fleece quality to your progeny.
057557 Ivydene Jack – White, born 13/4/13 – Jack is already proving to be a star and has been Reserve Champion at 2 shows already this season.  His fleece is fantastic and he is correct in every way.  His Rench and Island bloodlines add to his appeal for any flock owner looking to add quality to their breeding program.
057556 Ivydene Ben  - White, born 6/4/13 – Shearling ram who’s dam was a multiple Champion on the 2013 Show circuit. Ben will be shown this season, and like his stablemate Jack he will add exceptional bloodlines into your white flock
Females for Sale
Brae Flock have a selection of quality gimmers for sale – Moorit, Black, Fawn Katmoget & White
Photos available on request.



Location: CUMBRIA

Name: Sue Tyson & Rachel Simpson
Phone: home 01768774971 mobile 07759154534

Listed on:
11 June 2014

Advert:  DERWENT SHETLANDS - we have for sale:

Aztec of Derwent 056217 grey katmoget 2 years old  and
Ace of Derwent 058251 grey katmoget 2 years old - both SSS approved rams

Buttons of Derwent (Augustus of Derwent x Goldberry of Rohan) white shearling ram and Bertram of Derwent (Todhill Singleton x Ecclesmachan Eliza) black shearling ram (full brother to Augustus)  - both by approved rams.

Also available quality ewes after weaning and shearling gimmers - various colours, white, black, black gulmoget, grey and fawn katmoget.

We also have a fawn gulmoget/katmoget ram lamb out of Forsterfield Fudge by Ace of Derwent if anyone is looking for something a little different!

There are many pictures of our sheep on our Facebook page, 'Derwent Shetlands'. Photos with the advert are Aztec of Derwent (front) with Augustus and Todhill Singleton at the ram inspection, and of the ram lamb just after he was born..




Location: EAST KENT

Name: Peter Smith
Phone: 07711648255

Listed on:
6 June 2014

Advert:  We will have ewe and ram lambs available at weaning in July and August - moorit, black, katmoget and gulmoget.

Also available are:

1. fawn and grey katmoget shearling ewes and black shearling ewes, and
2. One black and one grey katmoget shearling ram.





Name: Maggie Cumming
Phone: 01229 772849

Listed on:
6 June 2014

Advert:  Windrush Flock

Moorit 3 year Ram PARKFORD SAM 051550 for sale. Good temperament and only for sale as I need  unrelated tup for my small flock of his offspring! He has well proved himself from a lamb and  easily could cope with more work.

Some of his friendly wether/ram lambs or shearling gimmers available-black and grey katmoget.





Name: Lindy Woodhouse
Phone: 07909 973790


Listed on:
21 May 2014

Advert:  We have some really pretty and unusually marked lambs by our small homebred tup (Mandeville lines) . Some lovely ewes with lambs available now, whethers, ram lambs (if you’re quick!) and ewe lambs available at weaning.
Our website will be updated shortly with more photos of our gorgeous little lambs.
We are based between Newbury and Swindon.




Name: Barbara Robins-Partridge
Phone: 07851 128865 or 01978 448558

Listed on:
30 Apr 2014

Advert:  Kinkletons Shetlands has quality stock for sale. Ewes with lambs at foot, and also yearling ewes. Excellent bloodlines. Colours include white, grey katmoget, fawn katmoget. Other colours available later in the year.



Location: DEVON

Name: Amanda Bowen
Phone: 01409 220063

Listed on:
26 Apr 2014

Advert:  Pedigree Shetland ewes, shearlings and 2 year olds for sale.
Various colours including black, moorit, fawn & grey katmoget.
Very friendly and bucket trained.
Prize winning fleeces.
All ready for breeding later this year.




Name: Tim Miller
Phone: 01229 716094

Listed on:
24 Apr 2014

Advert:  BROOKSIDE Flock

Black, Katmoget and Moorit Ewes, Gimmers and Shearlings for sale. All from registered stock. Ewes with lambs at foot available if required. Some wethers available if conservation grazers needed.




Name: Heather Mundill
Phone: 01347 868825

Listed on:
19 Apr 2014

Advert:  MUNDILL Flock (2824)

Due to move to smaller smallholding following pedigree Shetland Sheep for sale:

Ewe lambs and ram lambs from 2013
Breeding ewes of various ages with lambs at foot - currently lambing
3 lovely rams of Philip Cowan lines:

Mundill Snowflake Pirate born May 2012 reg 056880 white with black ear

Mundill Katrina Knight April 2013 reg 057074 grey katmuget

Mundill Jasmin Musk April 13 057073 moorit




Name: Trevor McLean
Phone: 0161 428 0602 or 07969 326517

Listed on:
10 Apr 2014

Advert:  OAKENBANK Flock (443Z)

Ewes with Lambs afoot for Sale

For Sale Registered Pedigree Shetland Ewes with Registered Pedigree lambs afoot. Rams also available.




Name: Wendy Kinnes
Phone: 01262 420442 or 07989467521

Re-listed on:
9 Apr 2014

Advert:  Shetland ewes and lambs for sale from the accredited Copperfield flock.  Most white but some colours.



Name: Mary Newbould
Phone: 01848 200379 or 07738 944892

Listed on:
24 Nov 2013

Advert: For sale from closed Shetland sheep flock due to breeding plan & down-sizing:
Choice of TWO HOMEBRED TUPS. Both can be registered.

Good conformation, long backs, dual colour longitudinal horns.

Grey tup Grey tup Band tup Band tup



Location: DEVON

Name: Antonia Tuckett
Phone: 01822 870492 or 07713744259

Listed on:
27 Jun 2014

Advert:  HARDICOTT Shetlands: Pedigree registered grey katmoget and black shearling ewes for sale. Sired by approved rams they are well grown and have lovely fleeces. Bucket trained and ready for the ram this autumn. Ideal for a starter flock. Unrelated ram lambs also available from July onwards including an extremely nice,very well grown, white ram lamb, and a very striking black sokket.



Name: Mike Allen
Phone: 07831 692963

Listed on:
17 Nov 2013

Advert:  1 Grey katmoget ewe lamb and a registered brown/black ewe born 2011 for sale from Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust ‘St Caths’ flock grazing chalk grassland sites in the  Winchester area.

Ewe lamb Ewe



Location: NORTH YORKSHIRE (16 Miles North east of York)

Name: Anne Goodman
Phone: 01653 628275

Listed on:
22 Oct 2013

Advert:  FLITWICK Flock: A selection of tup and gimmer lambs for sale in a wide variety of colours and markings black, grey, fawn, white & katmoget.

Flitwick flock

Flitwick flock Flitwick flock



Buyers are strongly urged to obtain proof of pedigree status prior to completing any transaction for pedigree stock - if you are unsure please contact the Registration Secretary.

Please note that the Society accepts no responsibility for sheep or anything advertised on this site and it does not recommend or endorse any sellers, animals or goods that are advertised.  All liability on the part of the Society is excluded to the extent permitted by law.